четверг, 20 февраля 2014 г.

А вот программа второго "русского" сателлита (GE Healthcare) на ECR 2014! 8/3/2014 14.00-15.30

Ждем вас!

ECR-2014, Vienna (5-10-March, 2014)
Saturday, March 8, 14:00–15:30.  Room L/M (for 240 people)
SY 26: Satellite Symposium organised by
GE Healthcare Nycomed Distribution LLC, Russia
Working language: Russian (with simultaneous translation to English)

Interdisciplinary approach to current issues of abdomen radiology
Moderators: Prof. V.N. Kornienko (Institute of neurosurgery named by N.N.Burdenko, Moscow); Prof. V.E. Sinitsyn (Center of Treatment and Rehabilitation МоH, Moscow)
Clinical guidelines and practical contrast media usage
Prof. I.E. Tyurin (Russian oncology scientific center named by N.N. Blokhinа, Moscow)

Сurrent approaches to evaluation of focal liver lesions
Prof. A. B. Lukianchenko ( Russian oncology scientific center named by  N.N. Blokhinа, Moscow)
Pre-operative imaging in abdominal oncology: what does a surgeon need from a radiologist?
Dr.V.K. Lyadov (Center of Treatment and Rehabilitation МоH, Moscow)

Russian Radiology best practice - clinical experience sharing
·                                      Dr. S. U.   Kim (National Research Center for Surgery named by B.V. Petrovsky of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow).  Clinical case: Features of MDCT  examinations in patients with the portal hypertension syndrome.
·                                      Dr. A. E.   Surmava (Novosibirsk  Research Institute of Circulation Pathology named by E.N. Meshalkin), Clinical case: Management of the patient at risk CIN when performing CT angiography.
·                                      Dr. M.V.   Vishnyakova (Moscow Regional Scientific Research Hospital named by М.F. Vladimirsky).  Сlinical case: Crohn’s disease of the Small Bowel
·                                      Dr. Y. I.    Nerestyuk (Institute of Surgery named by  A.V. Vishnevsky, Moscow).  Clinical case: Malignant bile duct’s cyst.

·                                      Dr. I. M.   Arkhipova (Center of Treatment and Rehabilitation МоH, Moscow). Clinical case:    Unusual mass in the stomach  

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