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ESCR membership tops 1,000

From ESR News:

Vienna, October 10, 2013 (ESCR) - The European Society of Cardiac Radiology's (ESCR) membership has just passed the 1,000 mark, reflecting a growing interest in cardiac imaging among radiologists around the world.
This high number is also the result of the ESCR's attractive membership benefits and innovative educational activities, according to ESCR president, Professor Valentin Sinitsyn, chief of the Radiology Department at the Federal Center of Medicine and Rehabilitation in Moscow.
"This rapid growth in our membership is, first of all, related to the increasing popularity of cardiac radiology; an exciting field in the world of medicine. Furthermore, the ESCR is expanding its educational activities, and the European Board of Cardiac Radiology Diploma programme, which is endorsed by the European Society of Radiology, has been very successful since its introduction in 2011," he said. The ESCR also recently launched the European MR/CT Registry and, starting from 2014, it will organise its own educational courses, in addition to established activities.
The society's new approach to membership, which is modelled on the European Society of Radiology's system, has also helped to significantly boost numbers. The membership fee has been reduced to just €20 for radiologists who are members of a national cardiac radiology society or working group. Moreover, the ESCR works closely with national cardiac imaging groups from Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, France, Latvia and Russia, prompting more exchange with radiologists from these countries.
Membership brings many benefits, including reduced rates for the ESCR's annual scientific meeting, online access to its EPOS database and abstracts, reduced subscription fees for print issues of the International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, and the option of signing up for the Cardiac Imaging Examination and Subspecialty Diploma.
The ESCR looks forward to welcoming the younger generation in the future. "We would like to see more young radiologists involved in our society and interested in cardiac imaging. Therefore, the ESCR provides support for young presenters to attend the annual scientific meeting through the Young Abstract Presenter programme (YAPP) and offers, together with the European School of Radiology, several cardiac fellowships," Sinitsyn said.
The next ESCR annual scientific meeting will be held on October 24-26, 2013, in London, under the aegis of Professor Michael Rees (Bangor, UK), the ESCR past president. This year's programme is not only aimed at radiologists, technologists and radiographers, but also at cardiologists, as well as other doctors, such as nuclear medicine physicians, who have an interest in cardiac imaging and research in this field.

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